Booking Information

Send all booking inquiries to:

(204) 783-1715

The Pyramid Cabaret
176 Fort Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3C 1C9


If you secure a show, you may be asked to submit a stage plot.


Our standard load-in times for most shows are 6:00
All bands get a line check and we do our best to provide soundchecks.


We encourage bands to make posters for their shows and drop them off at the Pyramid no later than two weeks prior to the event.
Promote your show at The Pyramid Cabaret! Explore our links section for a list of resource and promotional websites, newspapers and their corresponding contacts to help get the word out about your show. Make it as successful as possible!

Rental Information

The Pyramid Cabaret encourages promoters and bands to run their own events.
Here are the rates for bands and live music promoters.

  • $600 +tx (250+ attendance)*
  • $700 +tx (200-250 attendance)*
  • $1000 (under 200 attendance)*

    These prices are for local acts only.
    *Security is mandatory and an additional charge
    *Sound tech & light tech are an additional charge
    *Price will vary based on show & attendance (* weekend price increase possible)

Promoters are responsible for any damage to club.
Stage diving or stage dancing is not allowed.

Booth Rental

  • Customers can rent a booth for concerts at the club for $200.00 each.
  • There are 2 booths that can hold 6 to 8 people in the club.
  • Admission fee is a separate charge.


PA Equipment Specs

Stage/Lights Specs

  • Stage Width: Front- 21 feet wide
  • Stage Depth: 15 feet 8 inches
  • Width: after 7 feet, the stage becomes 19 feet wide to the end (back) of the stage
  • 23 LED lights – 4 LED Dancefloor Movers – 4 LED Stage Movers
  • Martin Digital Lighting Controller
  • Atomic 3000 Strobe
  • Radiance Hazer (Water Based Fog/Haze)
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